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Preventive Health Care:

Examination- At Bloor Street Animal Hospital your pet is given a complete physical examination ( from nose to tail) by your veterinarian and the relevant medical
history is taken prior to the examination. Your pets nutritional needs and preventive health care requirements are discussed in detail by your veterinarian.

Nutrition- Good nutrition is the base for good health. With our commitment to preventive health care, we believe that nutrition plays a vital role in improving skin and coat quality and managing diabetes, obesity, food allergies, kidney, liver and heart disease. Nutrition has a significant role in disease prevention and contributes to longer and better life.We offer prescription diets by Hill’s and Medi-Cal . We recommend best life stage diets for your pets and we are here to watch your Pet’s progress and health and to answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

Parasite control- We provide testing, treatment and prevention for internal and external parasites of your pets. Some worms can transfer from mother to the unborn puppies and kittens in the mother’s womb. It becomes extremely important to have fecal tests done and treated at an early age. As some worms can pass from pets to humans.
Kittens and puppies need fecal examinations at least twice before spaying and neutering and adult dogs and cats require stool test annually.
We provide annual heartworm testing and preventive medicines which cover fleas and other skin parasites as well. We offer flea treatment and preventive program for cats and kittens.

Vaccination- As a part of preventive healthcare, we make a vaccination plan for your kittens, puppies or adult dogs and cats throughout their life.
Puppies and kittens require vaccinations at the age of 8 , 12 and 16 weeks to boost their immature immune system to fight the infectious agents. Adult dogs and cats need vaccines annually since they have mature immune system.
During your visit at Rexdale we provide you the information regarding pet training, socialization tips, proper nutrition and benefits of dentistry. During first few months of owning a pet you might have a lot of questions please feel free to call us.

Microchipping- Did you know that 33% of pets will get lost at least once in their lifetime?
We offer and strongly recommend microchip identification. Microchip is a very tiny electronic device that is injected under the skin at the base of the neck. Each pet receives a unique identification number, which is recorded in the national directory and can be read by a portable scanner. Just one quick telephone call to the national directory and your pet will be identified. We recommend that you have your pet micro chipped when it comes in for its neuter or spay appointment.


Blood Profiles- We offer annual blood profiles appropriate for the age of your pet. General wellness profiles for the pet up to 6 years of age. Senior wellness profiles for the pets older than 6 years. Pre-anesthetic profiles are done prior to surgery and annual fecal examinations are recommended for all pets.

Diagnostic blood testing- We offer in house blood testing for fast and reliable results, as well as sending the blood out to IDEXX lab for more advanced testing. Blood testing is a useful tool for checking your pet’s liver, kidney, thyroid, pancreatic functions as well as the electrolyte and mineral balance in the blood. We also do complete blood cell count (CBC) to know if your pet is anemic, dehydrated or if your pet has an infection or allergic reaction.

X-Rays- We are equipped with latest digital radiographic machine with which all X-rays are taken and the results are given to you in minutes while you wait. X-Rays is a useful tool in diagnosing broken bones, foreign bodies (like, “Fido ate a toe ring”), tumors, and lung cancer and bladder stones.

Telemedicine- We use an equipment to take the electrocardiogram of your pet and through the telephone lines the result is printed in the office of a heart specialist.
We get the result and the recommendations of a heart specialist by fax in minutes.

Ultrasound- Ultrasound technology is available for your pet. An ultra sound is a moving x-rays that allows us to see the function of heart valves and muscles, liver, kidneys and intestines. We are currently calling a in a traveling specialist veterinarian, which can be arranged at your convenience.

Hospital Services:

Surgery- We assure you that any pet requiring surgery at Bloor Street Animal Hospital receives the
safest anesthetic and best monitoring throughout the surgery. We recommend pre-anesthetic blood testing prior
to surgery and intravenous fluids throughout the surgery. We use a pulse-oxymeter to monitor pulse and oxygen and ECG (EKG) unit to ensure that your pet is handling the anesthetic well. We manage the pain during and after the surgery.

Dentistry- Research shows that pets live 15-20% longer if they receive dental care as needed throughout their life. More than 85% dogs and cats after 4years of age suffer from the dental disease. Dental disease can lead to life threatening diseases of the other vital organs like heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. It can also cause the diseases of the joints by weakening the immune system of your pet.
We are equipped with Ultrasonic dental cleaning and polishing system same as used in human dentistry.

Hospitalization- Our dedicated team of veterinarians and technicians provide an excellent in hospital care for your pet. We have constant rate infusion pumps for intravenous fluids administration, spacious neat and clean cages and runs for the in hospital comfort of your pet. We have alternative arrangements for overnight monitoring of the sick patients. We have facilities for critical care and isolation. For all hospitalized patients treatment flow charts are regularly maintained and updated by our veterinarians or technicians.

Spaying/Neuting - In female dogs and cats spaying eliminates the chances of unwanted pregnancies and infection and cancer of the uterus and also reduces the chances of mammary cancer.
In male pets neutering eliminates the chances of cancer of testicles and reduces the possibilities of prostate cancer, and also lessens the possibilities of fight injuries as a result of roaming behavior.
We recommend neutering and spaying at the age of 5-6 months.

Ancilliary Services and Products:

Retail products- For your convenience we carry a wide range of pet care products, like routine use and medicated shampoos, dental care products, dietary supplements, kitten and puppy milk replacers, biscuits and treats, collars , leashes and toys. We would be happy to order in any product that we do not have in stock. We offer only veterinary approved products.

Pet insurance- To cover the expected and unexpected cost of treatment of your pets we strongly recommend pet insurance. There are three companies, “Pet Plan”, “Pet Care” and “Vet Insurance” which offer a wide range of plans. Please contact our staff for information.

House calls- Pick up and drop off services- We offer house call, pick up and drop off services for your pets for the convenience of our senior and disabled clients.
After care- We offer cremation and after care services for the deceased pets.

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